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Workshops, seminars and training sessions

Take control of your schedule

Calendar blocking, Four Tendencies, bullet journal method, Eisenhower Matrix… Adopt the techniques that suit you to set out your priorities, get into good habits and keep to your commitments.

Get back to basics: finally give yourself the time to do what you really enjoy and allow yourself the freedom you need to grow. Discover effective strategies and develop your own tools through workshops, training sessions or conferences in either long or short formats, in groups or flying solo.

Want to make up for lost time?


Communicating without discriminating

The written word is a powerful medium for ideas, but also for prejudices. To combat these, you need to know the most effective countermeasures.

Feel like you’re not addressing your entire audience? Intrigued by gender-neutral writing but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t wait any longer: develop a range of techniques that will enable you to produce gender-neutral, non-discriminatory texts.

Society is evolving – are you?

The process

First reading
You tell me about your project from every angle: budget, deadline, expectations...
I create the workshop, seminar or training session to meet your objectives.
You, your team or your audience have fun developing a new skill.