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Creative and literary translation

Broaden your horizons
Do you prefer to have your cultural, scientific, business and professional experiences in your mother tongue? So do your clientele, your partners and your audience. That’s good, because I can translate your words into French!

Popular science books, yoga manuals, blog posts, social media posts… Whatever your content, with translation, you can reach your French-speaking readers with the same intensity as your English- or Spanish-speaking audience.

Ready to spread your wings?



Popular science


Personal development


Human and Social Sciences


Copywriting for creatives and entrepreneurs

Make an impression
Are you brimming with ideas but can’t get them down on paper? I can help you find the words that are on the tip of your tongue so you can communicate with your audience, partners, teams and clients better.

As an entrepreneur or creative, you know how crucial your written content is to winning over your audience. Website, blog, articles, newsletters… Leave nothing to chance and make a lasting impression on your target audience.

Want to tell your story your way?

Rewriting, proofreading and editing

Hit the mark
Don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours revising what you’ve written? Focus on your mission while I take care of defusing the spelling traps and grammar bombs in your texts.

Whether you have content to polish, rewrite or rework, give it the right form and tone so it really speaks to who you are.

On a mission to clean up your content?


The process

You bring your project to me. We connect, then we set a budget and a deadline.
Behind the scenes
I translate, write or edit your content. Together, we fine-tune the result.
The big reveal
You publish the work, your audience is delighted and you are free to enjoy your success.